NC Legislature Likely to Repeal HB 2 – ‘The Bathroom Law’ – In Special Session on Tuesday


North Carolina license plates say that their state was  “first in flight” because the Wright Brothers made the first manned flight there in 1903 — 113 years ago —  on December 17.

North Carolina last month elected a new governor to replace Pat McCrory. As the latter leaves the stage, he is asking the state legislature to “consider” repealing his legend-making “bathroom law”, which insists people use the public relief facility intended for people of the sex they were born as.

Odds are they will do so, at a special session tomorrow (Tuesday), for at least a couple of very good reasons: [1] The state has lost untold millions in income and many thousands of jobs as several major sports organizations pulled their national tournaments out of the state and at least a few companies intending to move there decided not to, and [2] HB2, widely seen as an anti-LGBT bill, made North Carolina a national laughing stock because of its blatantly biased, discriminatory nature.

The special session was announced Monday by Governor-elect Roy Cooper, shortly after the Charlotte City Council voted 10-0 vote to rescind the LGBT ordinance that prompted HB 2. The council vote came after late night lobbying by Cooper himself, the Greensboro News & Record reported. Council member Julie Eiselt said the Governor-elect called her at 10:30 p.m. Sunday night.

Clearly the about-to-be governor wants to work at bringing some of those tournaments – including the NCAA’s women’s golf, women’s lacrosse, men’s basketball, baseball, and men’s and women’s soccer and tennis – back to the state. Currently the state’s attorney general, Cooper on Monday released a statement saying, “Enough is enough; We need to repeal this law and get our state back on track.”